Who We Are​​

Saint Monica

​Patron Saint of
Saint Monica's Guild

One of the most famous mothers of all time, our patron saint, Saint Monica, persisted in prayer until she brought her son, Augustine, back not only to the faith and to penitence but to an illustrious life in the church. St. Monica was strong in prayer and in faith, however she died shortly after her son's conversion.

We are daughters of Christ and sisters to each other. Our focus is spiritual growth, service and fellowship. Our ministries offer aid to one another, catering to other Christian women. We share our ideals and our talent. We plan enjoyable trips for all members. As a member, you can choose an activity where you can use your talent.  

Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month, September to May, in
the fellowship hall. The summer months (June, July and August) are our fun get together times with social activities. 

St. Monica's Guild invites all ladies of the church to join our organization.

St. Monica's Guild Contact:

Charlesetta Taylor
Phone:  336-298-6760​
Email: smg32017@gmail.com


What We Do​​

 We provide a service to our community, support Hospice, Catholic Charities and assist our parish in many ways . All of the ladies are Honorary or Active members. Our active members participate in regular meetings, contribute to guild activities and attend guild events.

We sponsor our graduates, make holiday baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and contribute to families in need. This fall we will sponsor fundraisers, bake sales, Feast Day activities, bus trips, and family game day. 

We join with other women church groups as a way to keep in touch with other church communities and share ideas. Meetings are planned throughout the year where groups from different churches in the area are invited to fellowship.

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